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How it all started

In 2016 Maren Reisner, founder of A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE gGmbH, set off with her husband and their three children on a one-year trip around the world. They wanted to show their children what the world is really like, and to experience the different cultures, countries and religions. Through friends and people they met on their journey, they came across a wide variety of exciting and unusual projects, for example in Tanzania, Nepal and Cambodia.
They were no ordinary visitors or tourists, they lived there to get to know the people, to get involved, and increasingly saw the world through different eyes. The work ethic and experience of the local population, their hospitality and friendliness, despite the prevailing poverty, was an incredibly impressive and new experience that made them grow and change, especially the children.

Maren was surprised that the children in many of the countries visited were actually able to attend school. The problems were often not related to a child having access to a school, but to poor infrastructure and execution within the school.
Ailing buildings, lack of basic water supply, lack of space, old and worn down furniture, lack of money for simple teaching materials such as pens, writing pads, books, etc. were many of the challenges the schools faced. In addition, the teachers, who were very committed, often had a rudimentary education and were only able to bring the children up to an inadequate level of education despite their great efforts. There just had to be something you could do – and thus the idea of A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE was born.

Maren’s thoughts matured over the course of their journey. She developed the final idea when her children went to a school in Canada for a few weeks. With astonishment she saw the great commitment of many students there. She discovered that schools encouraged children in all years to be involved in service projects and charitable organizations.
Nearly all of the students were aware of the challenges facing developing countries and of current environmental issues and they got involved in various ways.

Back in Germany Maren Reisner founded A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE, inspired by her experiences. She is committed to improving educational conditions in developing countries, but also wants to show students in Germany how good and important it is to be involved in helping those in need. With her project, she wants to prove that with a little commitment, it is possible for everyone to make a real long lasting difference.

After the foundation of A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE, she decided to support 2 projects, which were very close to her heart. She travelled to Tanzania and Pakistan to get a picture of the conditions on site and to get to know the respective partners. Since its foundation positive impacts are already visible in her Tanzania project, and planning is in full swing in Pakistan. Parallel to her involvement in local projects, Maren gives lectures at schools, universities and companies throughout Germany to draw attention to the poor educational situation in developing countries. She points out ways to improve this situation and thus give the many children a chance. Educating the children of these countries gives them a greater chance for long-term economic and social development.

“My goal is that fewer and fewer children in the world are forced to work and more and more go to school and receive a good education. 

“While working toward this goal, I was able to inspire supporters worldwide for this cause and my projects, who continue to support A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE through their work and generous donations.”

Maren Reisner, Founder

Our Mission

At A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE GmbH, we want to make the world a better place. As bold as it may sound at first, our business plan is simple. With your conscious purchase or your direct financial donation, we equip our educational institutions with materials that are necessary for successful teaching. Furthermore, together we want to lay the foundation to help these children both in the short and long-term.

Conscious consumption

Buy your stationery articles from us and automatically help to advance our educational projects!

Basic supply

For a school, the most basic needs of clean water and working electricity are a necessity.

Educational base

For sustainable educational success, viable facilities as well as complete and sufficient teaching materials are required.

Educational opportunities

Only when the basic prerequisites for a successful transfer of knowledge have been met can proper education be obtained.

future prospects

No matter where we come from, education is the key to a better future for all of us. “More education for a better world!”

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With your help, we make the world a better place.

Through you, through the many committed supporters of A Bleistift FOR Everyone, we have been able to take giant steps and gain traction in our projects. Pictures speak more than a thousand words, convince yourself of the success we have achieved together! A Bleistift says, “thank you!”


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