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For a conscious consumption and a sustainable development

Choose Conscious Consumption

Is it possible to do good things with conscious consumption and really make a change? Is that even possible? We have asked ourselves these very same questions. Especially today, central factors such as free shipping, low-cost offers, huge product variations and automated processing influence our purchasing decisions. This presents us with new challenges to sensible consumption. We don’t know much about the companies we purchase from including their quality standards, production methods, environmental impacts, hiring practices, etc.

These developments have motivated us to find a way to counteract this and to make conscious consumption easier again. You can obtain everyday writing products from us, such as pens and writing pads, to meet your requirements and at the same time make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of our society at no extra cost.

By making this small, but important decision to order your everyday items from us you actively make a change! From the proceeds of the sold pencils and writing pads a direct donation in kind or money goes to one of our educational projects.

Decide for conscious consumption and live this consciousness using our products. Together, we can make a real difference in the long term!

Buy stationary items and donate education

For all ages

You can use our pencils and writing pads for your notes, drawings or also for creative projects. Both adults and kids enjoy our products!

For companies

With our products you combine productivity and social commitment. On request, our products carry your corporate identity, in your very own individual colours! Perfect for corporate events & meetings

For institutions

Combine your everyday office needs with a philanthropic goal. With our products you set an example for conscious consumption and at the same time support our educational projects!

Give the gift of education

Need a present for school enrolment, birthday or just to say, “thank you”? ABFE Pencils and pads always bring pleasure. With our pencils and pads you are giving a quality “Made in Germany” gift and at the same time helping to improve educational conditions in developing countries.

Our manufacturers


Pencils from Reidinger

Reidinger is located in south Germany. Always environmentally conscious, it produces its pencils from the woods of European forests with sustainable forestry. Short transport distances, the longevity of the products and the 100% biodegradable product material conserve both the environment and resources. At the same time, the company supports valuable organisations such as Greenpeace and Doctors without Borders.

Writing pads from Brunnen

The traditional German company Baier & Schneider GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Heilbronn in 1877. Today it is one of the largest paper recycling companies in Europe. Brunnen is the core brand of the internationally expanding company. The company is still managed by members of the founding family, now in the 4th and 5th generation. Almost all products are still “Made in Germany”.