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With your donation, give the gift of education to children in developing countries

Your donation supports our mission to give children in developing countries better chances in life thanks to a solid school education! With your donation you help us provide …


School supplies

School furniture


Hygiene kits


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Donation receipt

As a non-profit organization, A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE is authorized to issue tax-deductible donation receipts. Up to a donation of 300 € per year, your bank statement is sufficient proof for tax authorities. For donations over 300 €, we will automatically send you a donation receipt at the beginning of the following year. Please provide your complete mailing address for this purpose in our online donation form or email it to us. Your address will only be used for sending you the donation receipt and will not be passed on.

What our supporters say

A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE links two particularly important aspects: conscious consumption & social commitment. Here I know that my support will arrive without detours where it is needed mosturgently! I can easily help without having to take action myself. Anytime again!

Julia Urban

Freelancer Marketing & Web Design

I am impressed by the commitment of Maren Reisner. Traveling around the world with the whole family is already extraordinary, but to then commit oneself so consistently and sustainably to the improvement of the grievances in the developing countries visited is remarkable. This project is absolutely worth supporting.

Dr. Philipp Semmer

Managing Partner, Motu Ventures Management GmbH

All children who travel with us will each receive a pencil from A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE with their travel documents to support this beautiful project and make it even better known. It is a good feeling if we can contribute a little bit to improving the educational situation in developing countries.
Anna Hollensteiner

Managing Partner, Fjordkind-Reisen


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