Igoma C Primary School

Educational project in the heart of Tanzania

The challenges and areas for improvement in the school

How many school children attend Igoma C Primary School?

More than 1,800 children attend this school, divided into seven classes. The classrooms are bursting at the seams and the students are not getting enough attention despite the constant efforts of their teachers. Imagine that you had to listen to lessons together with about 220 classmates. Impossible!

How are the provisions and basic supplies at the school?

Missing are the basic requirements for a productive learning environment: There is no electricity or water. Every morning the children walk to school carrying water canisters so they are able to flush the school toilets. Only a few have drinking water or food for the long school day ahead.

What makes teaching more difficult?

Teachers as well as pupils have hardly any teaching materials, which makes teaching and learning more difficult. Furthermore, the teachers prepare their lessons in the schoolyard, because there is no separate teacher’s room.

Meeting their most basic of needs

Our next goal is to build a well on the property of the school to provide drinking water for the children, teachers and the connected community. Next we will add sanitary facilities (WC) and further classrooms.

Refurbishment & Expansion

Since the construction of the school, only makeshift repairs or maintenance work have been carried out. Through donations and sales, the existing school building was renovated during the Christmas holidays! A new roof was installed so that lessons can now be held in tidy and dry rooms.

The construction of an additional building is planned for the long term. Further classrooms as well as a library and a school canteen will be built in the future.


For a successful transfer of knowledge, teachers need a place to create and revise lesson plans. In addition to a teacher’s room, other investments are planned for teaching materials such as blackboards, books and, in the long term, computers. The basic prerequisite for this is the connection of the school to the local power grid.

Impressions from the everyday life at the Igoma C Primary School

From so far away, the local conditions are difficult to grasp. That’s why we took many pictures for you during our last visit. With our pictures and movies we would like to introduce you to the project, the school and the children you can support. We are overwhelmed by the gratitude and cordiality the children show us on every visit.


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Working every day with our local team we do our best to provide the children with a better education and a chance for a better future. With your support we can create the basic conditions for this – even the smallest contribution counts!

Education for the school children at Igoma C Primary School

Our educational projects at a glance

In other regions of the world, school is unfortunately not, as in this country, one of the supporting and everyday pillars in a child’s development. There are many different reasons for this, including regional challenges and conflicts.

We at A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE gGmbH support various educational projects worldwide.

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