Igoma C Primary School

Our commitment in the heart of Tanzania

School conditions in Mwanza

Igoma C Primary School with over 1,800 school children is located near Mwanza on Lake Victoria in Tanzania. In Mwanza, most children go to school. However, many parents cannot afford the school supplies and mandatory school uniforms – it is especially difficult in times of drought, as many make their living from farming and livestock. There is a shortage of schools and teachers – it is not uncommon that one teacher has to teach 150-200 school children at a time. This was also part of everyday school life at Igoma C. On our first visit in April 2018, the school was in a desolate state. The roof was leaking, there was little furniture and hardly any school supplies, no water supply and no electricity. The children were taught in 8 classrooms in double shifts. They also had to bring along water for flushing the toilet in canisters. Their school uniforms were partly quite torn and worn-out.

Our commitment

With the help of our local partner, we have been supporting Igoma C Primary School since the end of 2018. We are gradually improving teaching and learning conditions so that knowledge can be acquired solidly and sustainably. The impact of our commitment: in 2022, Igoma C Primary School rose to fifth (out of 80) place in a district ranking in which it had long been at the bottom of the list!

Our measures

School building & infrastructure

Since the beginning of our involvement, we have regularly repaired the dilapidated school buildings. We installed a rainwater treatment system for the school’s water supply. The school was connected to the power grid. Likewise, thanks to the support of the German Postcode Lottery, the Bé-Ruys Fund and private donations, we have completed and furnished a building (the shell begun but not finished by the state), thus creating much-needed space: a new classroom and two preparation rooms for the teachers who previously prepared and followed up lessons open air. We take care of the buildings with repairs and maintenance.


School supplies

We regularly provide the neediest school children with school supplies. Before we started our support, there was a lack of everything: there were hardly any notebooks, paper, pens, no scissors. This made learning and teaching difficult.

School uniforms

In Tanzania, wearing a school uniform is compulsory. But the poorer families cannot afford new uniforms – their children then have to go to school in torn and worn-out clothes. A school uniform is the pride of many children. By regularly providing the neediest children with new school uniforms, they can go to school with their heads held high.

Planned measures

Schoolyard equipment

There is no playground equipment and no suitable area for the children to play ball. We want to change that. Not only to develop the children’s motor skills, but also to give them joy.


A library is urgently needed – a safe and peaceful space where school children have access to textbooks, where they can complete assignments, read and study.


Many of the school children’s families are so poor that they cannot provide lunch boxes for their children. No one can learn effectively on an empty stomach. Our goal is to provide the school children with a school lunch – and to set up a canteen for this purpose. The certainty of being able to eat something at lunchtime is a great relief for the children. It is also an important incentive for parents to send their children to school regularly.

For all measures we urgently need support. Please support us!

Impressions of Igoma C Primary School


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We need school supply at the beginning of each new school year. I think it’s great that you can combine what you need with a good cause and help disadvantaged children. Not everyone has the chance to go to school.

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