Schools in Pakistan

Our commitment in brick kiln villages

For these schools we are urgently looking for sponsors to provide lunch for the children,
so that we can take in more children.

Growing up in a brick kiln village

Life in a brick kiln (brickyard) village is hard: tough physical labor in the brickyard, hunger and poverty dominate the daily life of the village community. The families are mostly bound to the brickyard owners by debts. The children can hardly escape this modern slavery, because they inherit the debts of their parents. Most of the parents are illiterate and never went to school themselves. Their children have no shoes, hardly any clothes, no blanket, no toys. Their life consists of work as soon as they are able. Without education, children have no chance to escape these circumstances. However, the families are too poor to send their children to school. If a child does not attend school, it faces permanent exclusion from the educational system.

Our commitment

In October 2019, we launched two mobile schools in brick kiln villages near Lahore with our local partner Miracle School Trust: Kiran School and Suraj School. “Mobile” because we wanted to be able to change villages if the schools were not accepted. The goal of our schools is to put children on a sustainable educational path by establishing regular school attendance by children in their families. In our schools, children are taught the basics they need to attend public school.

Meanwhile, it is no longer necessary for schools to be mobile. They have been very well accepted by the village communities and the brickyard owners. Suraj School moved into a proper house in 2022 – a great step forward – now teaching and learning can take place regardless of the weather. The new location also allows more children from surrounding villages to attend the school – 80 children are now taught there. Many children have already transferred from Kiran School to state schools. The rest now attend Suraj School. At the beginning of 2022, we opened another school in a brick village – Kali School with 40 children.

Suraj School

Shree Arunodaya School

Kali School

Our measures

Teachers and support staff

We fund teachers and support staff to teach the children and care for their younger siblings during class. Our school children are allowed to bring their younger siblings to school, for whom they are usually responsible – this is the only way that school attendance is possible for them at all.


With the help of our sponsorships, we provide the school children with school lunch. The food is an important incentive for parents to send their children to school regularly. The food is freshly cooked and transported to the school by the driver who also brings the teachers from Lahore.


School supplies

We equip school children and teachers with the basic requirements for learning and teaching: school supplies. The families are too poor to pay for it themselves.

School building

We have rented and furnished a building for Suraj School, where learning and teaching can now finally take place regardless of the weather. In the long term, we also want to find a weatherproof location for Kali School, which currently takes place outdoors.

Blankets and warm clothes

In winter, the brick houses offer little protection from the cold. We give the children blankets and warm clothes so that they do not have to freeze at night.

The operation of Suraj School is made possible by the youth welfare funding of the Irene und Friedrich Vorwerk Stiftung, the operation of the Kali School by DECU Investvermittlung Grundbesitz & Anlagen GmbH.

Thank you very much!

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Planned measures

Trainings for teachers

We want to ensure the quality of teaching through regular professional and pedagogical training of teachers.


To gradually improve the children’s health, we regularly teach them basic hygiene rules. Our goal is to regularly provide all school children with soap, toothbrush and toothpaste.

School building

Kali School is an open air school. In the long term, we also want to find a school building for Kali School in order to make learning and teaching possible regardless of the weather.

Impressions of our brick kiln village schools


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Impressions from our schools in Pakistan

Our educational projects at a glance

In other regions of the world, too, school is unfortunately not part of every child’s everyday life. A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE is committed to improving education in developing countries and supports schools and education projects worldwide.

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A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE links two particularly important aspects: conscious consumption & social commitment. Here I know that my support will arrive without detours where it is needed most urgently!

Julia Urban

Digital Marketing Freelancer

Our school has been a supporter of A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE from the beginning and we have been following the rapid development of this organization with great enthusiasm. Educational equity is a big issue especially for us as an educational institution.

Sophie Stephan

Teacher, high school

We need school supply at the beginning of each new school year. I think it’s great that you can combine what you need with a good cause and help disadvantaged children. Not everyone has the chance to go to school.

Eva W.

pupil, JSB Gymnasium


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