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Creating and fairly distributing education – in some regions of the world this is only possible with targeted, charitable projects.

We select our educational projects with the greatest care to facilitate effective development cooperation. We invest directly in selected schools where there is a great need for action. Below we introduce you to our projects. 

We will show you what challenges face them and what measures we can take. Perhaps the reality of the children on site will make you sad or even frustrated.
With your help we can change even catastrophic situations! With combined forces and money, we can eliminate deficiencies and provide more education. We are one world. Let’s improve it together!

School project in Mwanza City, Tanzania

The Igoma C Primary School is located directly in Mwanza City in Tanzania on Lake Victoria. The large city has universities and offers a wide range of jobs for qualified people.

As good as the local conditions may seem, for the many there is little hope for a successful economic future. Far too many children are excluded from any proper schooling. A large number have no access to a solid school education, which is why they have no chance for a secure future.

“There is only one thing in the long run more expensive than education:

no education”

(John F. Kennedy)

Project mobile schools Ziegeleidörfer, Pakistan

In many countries of the world the everyday life of children differs greatly from that in Germany.

This is also true for life in Pakistan. Instead of going to school in the morning, children support their parents at work. The situation is particularly difficult in the brick manufacturing villages outside of the cities.

Here the children of primary school age already help their fathers and mothers with the production of bricks or they supervise their younger siblings. Often the way to school is too far or too dangerous.

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Do you share our mission and want to support one of our projects?

With your donation we can initiate efficient measures where they are most needed.

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