Education for a better world

A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE advocates for educational equity in developing countries.

Sustainable development cooperation

Improving children’s life chances through education.

Educational projects worldwide

A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE supports schools sustainably and efficiently.

We are urgently looking for
lunch sponsors
for our school children
in Madagascar!

Our vision

Our vision is that children and young people in developing countries receive a solid school education as the basis for a self-determined life in their home country. We see education as the foundation for a world in which people can live in dignity, peace, security and in harmony with nature.

Our mission

Together with local partners, we improve teaching and learning conditions of schools in developing countries and implement educational projects where necessary. In our projects, children are taught regardless of gender, religion and origin.

We promote the social commitment of schoolchildren in Germany: We help them create an awareness of the educational situation in developing countries – and encourage them to engage for a sustainable improvement.

Our financing

Our activities are financed through donations, corporate social sponsorship, grants and the sale of products: For every pencil purchased, one pencil goes to a child in a developing country. For every notepad purchased, $1 will go to one of our educational projects. For every soap purchased, one of our school children receives a hygiene set (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap). For every keychain and cell phone strap purchased, one of our school children in Nepal receives urgently needed shoes for their way to school.

Our educational projects


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Traveling pencils

Pencil donations go to children in developing countries worldwide.

Pencil donations (click for details) Our schools and projects

Pencil donations (click for details)

Our schools and projects

You donate – We help

You share our mission and would like to support one of our projects?

With your donation, we initiate targeted, efficient measures where they are most urgently needed.

Buy our notepads and pencils and improve children’s life chances in developing countries through education! With every purchase of one of our products, you directly support educational projects worldwide.

sold pencils

donated pencils

sold notepads

donations in US $

Something for everyone!

For companies

Your company wants to set an example and get involved in social issues? Check out our projects that are looking for a social sponsor!

Are you looking for a meaningful promotional gift? We will gladly design our notepads and pencils in your branding!

Or are you looking for an enriching impulse lecture for your company event? We present our mission!

For schools

Join us in creating awareness among your student body about the educational situation in developing countries and the will to make a difference!

From giving a talk in a lesson, to selling our products at a school event or in the school store – there are many ways to support our mission and lead by example.

For big & small

A pencil or notepad should be present in every household. Whether for shopping lists, notes, school or drawing.

Order our pencils and writing pads directly! With your purchase you help to improve the educational conditions in developing countries.

As a gift

Looking for a gift for a special occasion? Give twice the joy!

With our products you get quality goods and directly support our educational projects!

Or do you want to be gifted yourself and don’t know with what? Ask your guests to make a donation to A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE!

We keep you up to date

Wie Sie selbst aktiv werden können

Wie Sie selbst aktiv werden können

Die Möglichkeiten, uns zu unterstützen oder sich ehrenamtlich in unsere Arbeit einzubringen, sind vielfältig. Wir haben hier eine kleine Liste erstellt, auf welche Art und Weise Sie aktiv werden können. Wir möchten Menschen jeden Alters ansprechen, daher teilen Sie...

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What our supporters say

A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE links two particularly important aspects: conscious consumption & social commitment. Here I know that my support will arrive without detours where it is needed mosturgently! I can easily help without having to take action myself. Anytime again!

Julia Urban

Freelancer Marketing & Web Design

I am impressed by the commitment of Maren Reisner. Traveling around the world with the whole family is already extraordinary, but to then commit oneself so consistently and sustainably to the improvement of the grievances in the developing countries visited is remarkable. This project is absolutely worth supporting.

Dr. Philipp Semmer

Managing Partner, Motu Ventures Management GmbH

All children who travel with us will each receive a pencil from A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE with their travel documents to support this beautiful project and make it even better known. It is a good feeling if we can contribute a little bit to improving the educational situation in developing countries.
Anna Hollensteiner

Managing Partner, Fjordkind-Reisen