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Inspired by our mission and would like to support us? A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE offers many ways to help make the world a better place. In our non-profit shop, you can purchase notebooks and pencils, the proceeds of which flow directly into educational projects. Using our online donation form you can quickly and easily determine exactly how you want your donation to impact.

Do you want to become active yourself and contribute by raising awareness of educational challenges around the world? Then take advantage of the opportunity at your next corporate event, the school summer party or your own birthday celebration!

School events & sales:

While school attendance is required by law for children in this country, it is sadly denied many children in developing countries. Schools are either too far away with poor local infrastructure making attendance logistically impossible; or the schools lack the necessary physical infrastructure including classrooms, desks, teaching materials and teachers. Day-to-day reality for our children is an impossible dream in other parts of the world. Help us raise awareness with your students, the generation of tomorrow! Give us a stage to present our mission: Education for a better world. With an invitation to your holiday bazaars, summer parties or project weeks (or any other events), we have the opportunity to draw attention to these educational challenges in developing countries.

Of course we are happy to meet in advance with school administration and parents. In addition, some of our partner schools distribute our non-profit pencils and notebooks in their own school stores. We are happy to provide you with additional information. Please contact us and help us improve education in the world!

Corporate events with commitment to philanthropy

Are you planning your next corporate event and are searching for a meaningful philanthropic project? A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE will make your event something special. Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility to your employees, partners and customers.

We are happy present in person our mission and educational projects. And of course all event participants should leave with a memorable gift. We customize all stationery products (pencils and notebooks) with your own company branding! It has never been so easy to combine cost-effectiveness with non-profit charitable support.

Need more information or have questions? Please contact us by mail or phone! We look forward to working together to improve education in the world.

Special Occasion Donations

Planning a party or event for your birthday, anniversary, or a holiday? No idea what gifts to put on your wish list? Invite your friends & guests to give a gift that keeps on giving. With a donation to A Bleistift for EVERYONE, a child in a developing country will get the gift of better education and hope for the future. What a great feeling for your and your guests! A small donation from many people can make a huge impact!

It is as easy as this:

Set a donation keyword – inform your guests – Donate (listing the donation keyword in the payment details).

We will gladly send you further information or answer your questions!

Hand in hand for more education

There are many ways to become active and help. Are you already supporting a project or are running an organization yourself? A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE can be your partner.

For both one-time and long-term cooperation – we are happy to join forces towards a shared goal: make the world a better place!

Other ideas of how you can support our philanthropy? Then simply write us an email to or call us.

We look forward to your initiative!

We look forward to your invitation!

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Join us for more education.

Igoma C Primary School in Tanzania

Mobile schools in Pakistan


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