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Life in a brick yard village in Pakistan

Hopeless cycle

Those who can neither read nor write, nor have an education, often have no other option than to work in the brick factories outside the city. The workload is barely manageable; therefore parents depend on the help of their children. They help either with the production of the bricks or at home with the care of the family. Children who grow up under these circumstances either irregularly attend school, or do not attend at all. Breaking this cycle is almost impossible.

Cruel Fate of the Monsoon Season

Heavy rainfall during the monsoon season makes it impossible to work with the wet clay. In these months, the production of bricks comes to a complete stop and no income can be earned. To compensate this, money has to be saved during the monsoon-free months, which for most families is not feasible. This leads to hunger among those affected.

Lack of infrastructure

The brick villages are partly isolated. In order to reach educational institutions, longer distances have to be covered. Public transport does not exist and only very few have their own means of transport, which poses great challenges for both pupils and teachers. Their journeys to school and work are long, arduous and dangerous.

Mobile Schools

If it is not possible for teachers or pupils to take the long distances upon themselves, there is only one solution: the school must come to them! Together with Miracle Schools Ministries, which already successfully operates two schools, we want to build upon on the concept of mobile schools. When the financing has been completed, temporary school tents can be erected and lessons can begin. The high level of flexibility enables quick action and implementation on site and should motivate the village community to let their children attend school.

Vehicles for teachers

Only the factory workers live in the brick villages. The teachers come from the cities and often have to take dangerous routes to get there. To ensure the safe transportation of the mainly female teachers, we want to set up a shuttle transport. For this we need a car and a driver.

Training for teachers and assistants

In order to achieve long-term educational success, both teachers and assistants must be regularly trained. As the grade level rises, so does the profile of requirements for those responsible. Young people who have already completed school can be introduced to teaching activities as assistants in schools and integrated into them on a long-term basis.

Everyday life for children from the brick villages

For most of us the idea of sharing our own four walls with another family is unimaginable. For Salima and her family this is reality. Since the death of her mother, Salima has to take care of her younger siblings while her friends go to school. She also helps her father to make bricks. In order to give you an insight into the everyday life of the children on site, we took these pictures during our last visit. Pictures say more than words! The warmth and gratitude we receive is overwhelming!


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Anyone who has ever been there will understand that we can no longer look the other way and finally have to do something for educational justice. Together with our local contact persons, the Miracles Schools Ministries, we would like to make regular school visits for Salima and other children possible. This is the only way they have a chance for a better future. With your donation we can do that!

Without education there is no future for the children of the brick villages

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In other regions of the world, school is unfortunately not, as in this country, one of the supporting and everyday pillars in a child’s development. There are many different reasons for this, including regional challenges and conflicts.

We at A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE GmbH support various educational projects worldwide.

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As a non-profit limited company, we distribute pencils and writing pads and donate the majority of the proceeds (less minimal operating expenses) to our educational projects. The equation is simple and effective: By purchasing pencils and writing pads from us, you are joining us in improving educational opportunities. There is no additional effort or expense. With your purchase, you can combine everyday activities with a social contribution.


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